There are so many pepper sprays available, we wanted to make it as safe and easy as possible for women to decide which version of this legal and easy-to-use protection to buy.

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There are many different kinds of pepper sprays out there. We can't research all of them. But here are some answers to basic questions.


What kind of pepper spray should I buy?

After this Q&A section you'll find the types of sprays we recommend. But most important is what not to buy.  DO NOT BUY l
ip stick and pen-type sprays with no safety. It's as easy to spray yourself or your child as to spray an attacker since there is no way to tell which way the nozzle is pointed without looking carefully. You don't usually have time for a careful assessment - when you need pepper spray... you need it fast!

Never buy any spray without a safety feature. It could go off in your bag or at at inopportune time. If it goes off while you're driving and reaching for your phone, it could cause an accident. A safety lock is paramount!

Q: Why would I buy Pepper Spray?

If you plan to be out late or meeting new people in new places, it is a good idea to have some sort of safety plan. Pepper Spray is an easy to use, legal, non-lethal way to protect yourself from predators. However, nothing is a substitute for good judgement and planning.

Q: What do I need to know about pepper spray?

A: Pepper spray is an easy to carry, non-lethal self-defense tool. The active ingredient is an extract of hot peppers called oleoresin capsicum (OC). A concentration of up to 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) is legal to carry in all 50 states.

Q: How do use pepper spray properly?

We teach seminars on the safe and effective use of pepper spray in our workshops.  Buy the  DVD which incorporates a section about pepper spray, or... 

Download These Informational PDFs:

Pepper Spray 101

How to Use Pepper Spray


  • Pepper Spray is for self-defense purposes only. Any other use may subject you to fines or imprisonment.
  •  Not to be purchased by minors, felons or people addicted to narcotics or alcohol. 
  • In New York and Massachusetts pepper spray can only be purchased from licensed firearms dealers.

recommended by Devi Protective offense

ASP Palm DefenderThe ASP Palm Defender- Runs About $20-25

The Palm Defender is the smallest Kubaton (metal cylindar style) available at 4.5" long.  It also acts as a blunt weapon if your assailant keeps coming. It fits in small female hands with just enough poking out to do damage should an attacker get too close.

Hold it like a hammer and go for vital areas like the throat, temples or base of the skull. If you're on the ground go for the groin or top of the foot. Always think outside the box. If he grabs your hand, switch hands!

Always try and run as soon as and as fast as you can.

The Palm Defender contains 3 half second shots of the highest legal strength pepper spray. Effective range is 3 feet. Because of the thumb safety and the fact that the spray comes out of the bottom, it is impossible to spray yourself by accident.

The Palm Defender is machined from high strength aerospace aluminum. It comes fully loaded and can be easily refilled with inserts. Test inserts are also available so you can practice safely.

We recommend the black version since it won't catch light and at night provides you with a surprise factor in the event you are forced to use it.

PROS: Safety mechanism is easy to use and the spray mechanism makes it impossible for you to spray yourself. The shortness of the container makes it easy to hold in small hands, difficult to disarm and easily concealable. Also cool looking! Doesn't look like pepper spray. Refillable.

CONS: Only 3 half second shots of spray so you'd better get it right, hence the recommened purchase of test inserts for practice. Also only 3 foot range, which means your attacker has to be closer than we might like.

As you read on you will find none of these are perfect. But pepper spray is the cheapest, easiest self defense tool available. All women should seek good self defense training. Some day we hope Protective Offense training will be part of all high school curriculums.

The ASP Key Defender - Runs About $30-35

The Key Defender is slighly longer than the Palm Defender at 5.75". It contains 6 half second shots of the highest legal strength pepper spray. Effective range 5 feet. Because of the thumb safety and the fact that the spray comes out of the bottom, it is impossible to spray yourself by accident.

It's a blunt weapon as well, just like it's smaller sister the Palm Defender discussed above.

PROS: Longer range and more spray! Safety mechanism is easy to use and the spray mechanism makes it impossible for you to spray yourself. Refillable. Also cool looking! Doesn't look like pepper spray.

CONS: A little bit bulkier than the Palm Defender discussed above.

Sabre RedSabre Disposable Pepper Spray.
This tiny disposable spray contains 25 half second shots of the highest legal strength Pepper Spray. Effective Range 8-10 feet. It also contains an Ultraviolet Marking Dye so the police can identify your attacker! The dye lasts a few days so he can't even buy groceries!

Runs About $9

PROS: Lots more range and lots more spray! Marks your attacker so police can find him! Inexpensive. Small.

CONS: NOT reusable. Once you use it it goes in the garbage. Also not a great close up weapon.

Sabre RedSome Lines like Sabre offer pink containers which usually means a percentage gets donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  So you can fight crime and Breast Cancer at the same time!

Choose the spray you think will work best for your purposes and budget.

Remember, you can practice with most refillable types because they also sell inert sprays for practice. It's good to know how close a potential attacker has to be before you use it. Otherwise, you may use up your spray before it does it's job.

Whichever pepper spray you choose, buy one from a reputable company and ALWAYS CHECK THE EXPIRATION.  It only lasts a few years before losing potency.

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