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TIP: Did you know that the base of the skull is extremely vulnerable?

Not to be a downer, but you can't depend on other people to take responsibility for your life and safety.

Think the Police will help? They can't be at every emergency. In fact, they usually show up during or after. Police are primarily there to discourage bad behavior. They rarely thwart violence in action.

This is pretty hard core, many of you won't want to watch. But it's very enlightening.

Self Defense To Go, Weekly Tips for people in a hurry.

The Invisible War
If this video is even partly true, it hurts our military and our society, not just women. has become fashionable to argue that intuitive methods of thinking and deciding are superior to analytical methods. This is a seductive argument, given that intuition is often assumed to be faster and easier than rational deliberation... But there are dangers in following intuitions based on the idea that they simply “feel right” – especially if we follow intuitions in the absence of understanding how the mind works....

Here's a shorty but a goody! We all learned that long workouts are best for burning calories. But there are several things to consider and intensity is one of them. You can exercise at a higher level for 5 or 10 minutes than you can for 30. And higher level exercise burns more calories. (From a sited article: "For a 130 lbs. woman, jogging 4 mph for 20 minutes will burn about 75 calories.  If this woman runs at 9 mph for 10 minutes, she'll burn over 150.")

Who knows who decided October was DV month, but it is, so let's use it. DV affects approximately a quarter of the population of the U.S.! It destroys the lives of children and indoctrinates them into a violent mindset before they have a chance to see and learn other forms of reasoning and problem solving...

While visiting my friend Lisa in Salem MA (great little weekend getaway - especially with kids - if you're in the hood and like cute little towns with a Halloween theme year round!) and there happened to be a Maritime festival going on. So I snapped some video with my phone of an old sailor reinforcing a post with a cool knot.

Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado... Just received this link from Kevin Estela, a good training friend...

It’s the first night out on the town, second semester of my senior year of college. We are huddled in our favorite dive bar, Coronas in hand, Guns N’ Roses blaring in the background - my eye spots a recognizable face at the door, suddenly my face turns red, my body turns cold.

You'll need a dozen eggs...

Here's some simple, good sense advice for losing weight and keeping it off from the pros at IDEA Health and Fitness. What good is Protective Offense against outside danger if you are your own worst enemy.

Lack of trust is at the root of many of the world's problems, says American neuroeconomist Paul Zak, who claims to have found the brain chemical responsible for empathy. But could oxytocin really help to solve social issues?

1. Give yourself permission to do whatever it takes to survive. Even if it’s gross and goes against everything you’ve been taught throughout your life. Eye-gauging is not generally polite conversation… but you might have to be prepared to do it to save your kids…

Who knows a home’s weak spots better than an expert criminal? Here’s what an ex-burglar revealed about what makes a home an easy target.

What are the main techniques you teach your female students? Make a list of the top five or ten. Now envision yourself in a jungle with a full grown mountain gorilla. Or two. Imagine yourself using those techniques. Would they work? Would they be your best choice?

My little boy was very nearly ATTACKED BY A PITBULL day before yesterday.

Pulled over on the street today and called an ambulance for a guy in his 60s passed out on someone's steps out in Jersey.

Have you ever seen anyone have a heart attack or stroke? Would you know what to do? It's not hard for the most part.

Even exhausted and with kids in tow, there's a lot we can do as bystanders.

Approach gender violence as a MEN’S issue involving men of all ages and socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. View men not only as perpetrators or possible offenders, but as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers...

I was chatting with a friend today and we got on the subject of what the single most important self defense technique might be. Before I could speak, she took the words right out of my mouth when she said "keeping your cool in a crisis."

Smart lady.

Also easier said than done.

There's lots more you can add than what I've suggested, but I don't want to overwhelm you and keep you from starting with the basic lifesavers which are often enough!

You might not think of this as protective offense but head injuries, drowning and choking kill more kids than anything else.

PEPPER SPRAY doesn't always work. It can be a good thing to carry. But you have to have a back up plan.

There are situations where I feel vulnerable, given the fact that I am often single-handedly not only looking out for myself, but my small children. When my firstborn was barely a walker, we got approached in a large, full outdoor parking lot by a panhandler...

"Protective Offense is the study of dealing with adversity, of high-speed problem solving, of projecting and reaching goals. It’s the study of disarming bad situations, of survival, perseverance and awareness, of dynamic rather than passive living..."

10 Things About Criminals:

1.  Size matters. Size, strength, height and leverage all have a bearing on which techniques will work. Techniques that work for people of approximately the same size and strength do not always translate. You need a step ladder to reach a shelf, a painters ladder to reach the roof... but you need a rocket ship to reach the moon...

Don't reason away your instincts. If you get a "bad vibe" from someone don't ignore it. Stay alert and see if you can figure out what your intuition is telling you....

This happened in 2010 but it is still relevant. Nice to hear a story with a good ending like this once in a while....

A violent attack can be detected before it occurs by learning to notice various signals. There are steps you can take to disarm an attack at various stages before it occurs. These are not exciting superhero techniques for thwarting crime. They are logical, well-researched, methodical ways of taking yourself and your loved ones off a criminals radar....

...NO instructor should teach [self defense] without addressing the emotional and mental weapon first..."

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