Devi Protective Offense for Women is now offering 1 or 2 day workshops for women over 12 years old (parent accompaniment mandatory for children under 18). The course is taught by 25 year martial arts veteran, personal trainer, edged weapons instructor and EMT, Teja Van Wicklen.

Become part of the solution by organizing a workshop at your high school or college. Our team will include a police officer for an authentic understanding of criminal activity and the laws of self defense. Ask us more.

Begin learning by DVD.  For Workshops or Discussions drop us a line.

"If you see things early on, it's easier to make decisions, and if your decision-making skills are sharp, the outcome of any altercation, even one with your boss, will be better for you" ~ Teja Van Wicklen

Devi reworks self defense for women. A woman up against multiple attackers requires techniques with a high likelihood of success. The greater the difference in things like physical strength and leverage, the higher the stakes.

Women need to see things before they happen and they need aggressive tools for dealing with possibilities like rape.

You will also learn how to vet instructors and chose self defense classes and programs that suit your needs, core strength training to keep you safe if you are pushed or you fall, and many other tips for a better quality of life.

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Begin learning by DVD

Workshops and Discussions (a nicer word for Lectures) are also available.

Contact Us to receive workshop pricing and details.


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Next Online Workshop
Start Date: AUGUST 11, 2013!
Next Online Workshop
Start Date: AUGUST 11, 2013!

Unlocking The Secrets Of Women's Self Defense

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What People Are Saying...

I want to tell you, how very very very much I appreciate and LOVE the Secret's to Women's Self Defense course.

I am no stranger to defending myself.... I've also taken a few martial arts courses over the years, taught a Women's Self Defense course and have had armed combat training. That coupled with my job and the training I receive there, I was not sure how much I would get out of this course.

But, this is course is amazing. I've learned a lot, far more than I ever thought I would...

This information is critical to all women, especially mothers. This more than any other course I've taken since my divorce has motivated me to change for the better.

I am so completely impressed that I would like to pay for it.

Thank you for letting me take this course as part of the trial phase. But, Please send me billing information, as there is no way I could take this for free. So much time and effort has gone into it.... As a mother, and single at that to 3 young angels, nothing is more important to me than their health and security. They won't have that if I don't have it myself.

So again, from the very bottom of my heart and soul, "THANK YOU SO MUCH" for this opportunity and please let me pay.

Truly, sincerely, and honestly happily,

Deloris Del Rio
Québec, QC